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Massey University Lecture Theatre

This lecture theatre at Massey University has undergone significant improvements. We have installed new HVAC systems in four different lecture rooms to ensure a more efficient system. As part of this upgrade, we introduced new ceilings and implemented thermal insulation on the concrete roof linings to further enhance energy efficiency. Our main objective in carrying out these transformations was to create an eco-friendly environment that promotes minimal energy consumption. additionally, we undertook a complete refurbishment, encompassing everything from demolition to the final decoration stage.

lecturetheatre_1201 (Large) (10).jpeg
lecturetheatre_0773 (Large) (4).jpeg
lecturetheatre_1205 (Large) (12).jpeg
lecturetheatre_0994 (Large) (9).jpeg
lecturetheatre_0791 (Large) (8).jpeg
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