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Dominion Museum Building

This project encompassed a 744 square meter area, where we installed 80 panels of acoustic Deco Quiet panels on the southern wall and 96 panels on the apex. In addition, we installed U beams at a height of 18 meters. The acoustic boards were specifically designed to provide superior sound absorption. The Dominion Museum building, also known as the Great Hall which was constructed in 1936. Originally the museum served as a prominent cultural institution, but over the years the building has undergone various renovations but still holds onto its unique architectural features such as its grand entranceways and distinctive interior spaces. Nonetheless it has been carefully preserved to retain its historical character and charm.

greathall_2166 (Large) (12).jpeg
greathall_1933 (Large) (10).jpeg
The Great Hall_edited.jpg
greathall_1215 (Large) (1)_edited.jpg
greathall_1252 (Large) (2).jpeg
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